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All-In-One Cloud PMS Platform

Simplicity & Integration


Operations and distribution in a single enterprise platform

With technology on the rise in 2020, hotels need a good operating system to give guests the best experience from booking to checkout! Our system enhances hotel operation by handling end-to-end solutions seamlessly, making it more organized and time-saving for all staff.


  • Include Room & Rate Availability Check
  • Multi Room Type Displays
  • Multi Room Type per Reservation
  • Room Assignment
  • Computation of Total Room Charges, Deposit
  • Rate Code Modifications
  • Room Upgrades


  • Includes Unlimited  Invoice
  • Settlements
  • Check Out Billing
  • Group Express Checkout Point-Of-Sales Integration

Group Management

  • Includes Group Check-ins
  • Group Express Check-Out
  • Group Post Manual Charges
  • Group Room Routing
  • Rooming List
  • Master Folio.

Restaurant & Bar POS

Digital Point-Of-Sales with various features. Mobile and closely incorporated with your hotel management system. Providing better operational efficiency and agility.

Front Office

  • Includes Check In Print Registration Card
  • Room Assignment
  • Room Key Interface
  • Extend Stay
  • Action Messages
  • Fixed Charge
  • Room Routing
  • Automated Guest Communication


  • Includes Room Status Updates
  • Laundry Posting
  • Mini Bar Posting
  • Housekeeping Mobile App
  • Maid Assignment


  • Includes Dashboard Hotel Statistics
  • Analysis Report Market Segmentation, Corporate and …
  • Pick-up Reports, YTD, Monthly, Weekly and Daily pick 


  • Include Account Receivable
  • General Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Account Payable
  • Online Procurement Management.

Data Visualization

Discover insights hidden in your data


A responsive design approach means our PMS is fully compatible with any device it is used on. Especially if you’re working from home during these difficult times, using a desktop or just a smartphone is no issue as our PMS renders and functions perfectly!


PMS + Channel Manager + Booking Engine

Integration with Channel Manager and Booking Engine

Managing inventory strategies can be extremely stressful, with high risk of double bookings, unhappy customers and bad reviews. Sometimes even figuring out which booking strategy works for your hotel can be an intimidating challenge.

Benefit of Two Way Integration

  • Synchronise room availability real-time across all your online distribution channels.
  • Minimized double-bookings and over-bookings issues
  • Maximize your hotel occupancy and room revenue with minimum efforts!

New User Interface

Simple and user-friendly, smoothly connecting staff and users. 

Training staff to use our PMS is easy and cost-effective! This is because we designed the system’s interface to be extremely user friendly, allowing your employees to fully utilize it with minimal training.


Dynamic Pricing

IDB’s Dynamic Pricing system set room rates according to pre-set pricing tiers based on room occupancy percentage. The system automatically increse the room rate whenever the room occupancy percentage increases.

IDB Kiosk

Self Check-in Kiosk 

With the uncertainty of the pandemic we face today, it is important for businesses to adapt and implement safety measures to keep their guests and staff safe.

Our PMS allows you to do just that, as it supports self check-in kiosks seamlessly integrated into the central PMS. Hoteliers can set up these sleek kiosks at their reception, ensuring a suitable distance between each kiosk and its surroundings.

Guests log in their own details which will be automatically synchronized with your room and guest list, accessible by hoteliers via the central PMS dashboard. Implementing visible measures will assure your guests that you keep their safety foremost during their stay.

Guest engagement

It should prioritize mobility

A PMS that is mobile friendly is essential for hoteliers to thrive in this 21st century, guest-centric environment. Mobility lets travellers choose how they want to check-in, whether it’s through their mobile device, a smart-kiosk in the lobby, or a friendly attendant equipped with a tablet. No longer are hoteliers confined to the front desk when interacting with guests. Now, you can move around the property while having access to critical guest info in real-time through a mobile device or tablet. This allows you to process guest requests anywhere in the hotel, or start conversations with guests that lead to conversions for upgrades or amenities.

While being mobile, hoteliers get to manage the hotel from anywhere in the world, allowing for the best guest service without having to be there 24/7.

Self check-in & contactless service

Self Registration

Empower guest stay experience with us. SAFE, EASY and FAST

Express Payment

POS Online Ordering

  • Online Ordering POS Integration
  • Boost your reputation
  • More accurate orders lead to satisfied customers
  • Generate more revenue
  • Free up your time with an integrated menu



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